Lebda Medical Journal: Announcements https://lebmedj.elmergib.edu.ly/index.php/LMJ <p><span class="wz-italic"><span class="wz-bold wz-italic">Lebda Medical Journal is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that aims to publish high quality papers rapidly and freely available to researchers worldwide. </span></span></p> <p><span class="wz-italic"><span class="wz-bold wz-italic">Lebda Medical Journal </span></span>is an Open Access Printed &amp; Online journal, publishing Original Articles, Review Articles, Short Communications and Case Reports in all Medical Pharmaceutical and Biology areas .</p> en-US Call for Submissions https://lebmedj.elmergib.edu.ly/index.php/LMJ/announcement/view/1 <p>Lebda Medical Journal (Lebmedj) is excited to extend an invitation to researchers for the submission of their Research Articles and Short Communications. We welcome contributions falling within the scope of the journal for publication in Volume 9, Number 1. We encourage researchers to share their valuable work, and we look forward to featuring diverse and impactful studies in our upcoming issue.</p> Lebda Medical Journal 2024-01-15