Lebda Medical Journal https://lebmedj.elmergib.edu.ly/index.php/LMJ <p><span class="wz-italic"><span class="wz-bold wz-italic">Lebda Medical Journal is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that aims to publish high quality papers rapidly and freely available to researchers worldwide. </span></span></p> <p><span class="wz-italic"><span class="wz-bold wz-italic">Lebda Medical Journal </span></span>is an Open Access Printed &amp; Online journal, publishing Original Articles, Review Articles, Short Communications and Case Reports in all Medical Pharmaceutical and Biology areas .</p> Elmergib University en-US Lebda Medical Journal 2520-0941 Chemistry; is it vital for undergraduate pharmacy students? https://lebmedj.elmergib.edu.ly/index.php/LMJ/article/view/194 <p>Pharmacists learn chemistry during their undergraduate education at pharmacy colleges. Learning Chemistry is not an easy task. However, it helps pharmacists to understand many aspects about drugs. This article aimed to explore attitudes of working pharmacists about chemistry learning.</p> <p>&nbsp;Self-administered questionnaire was distributed, in October 2021, to 40 private community pharmacies in Alkoms city, Libya. Data analysis was conducted by using Excel an SPSS.</p> <p>Thirty pharmacists participated in this study. The response rate was 75%. Most participants were males. Participants admitted that chemistry helps them their daily pharmacy activities, although it was not easy to learn chemistry.</p> <p>There mixed attitudes towards chemistry learning varied according work expertise and gender. Medicinal chemistry and biochemistry were the most beneficial branches of chemistry.</p> Salem H Abukres Amina M Amimn Copyright (c) 2024 Lebda Medical Journal https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/4.0 2024-01-15 2024-01-15 9 1 13 15