Comparison between the breast preserving surgery and the ordinary breast surgery on breast oncoplastic surgeries in National Cancer Institute\ Misurata- Libya


Objective: to determine the breast cancer  recurrence rate, complications, and aesthetic outcome of breast oncoplastic surgery among  patients managed   in  National Cancer Institute\Misurata-Libya (NCI) that they underwent breast oncoplastic surgery(BOS) also to analyze the results between two patients groups underwent breast reconstruction with Lattissimus Dorsi(LD) flap in 1st group and Transverse Rectus Abdominus Myocutaneous(TRAM) flap in 2nd group.

Methods: Retrospective study of 56 patients in oncological surgery department In the NCI  between 1st  January 2014 to 30th  December 2018, have been included. In the study period, a total of  56 cases of breast cancer  underwent BOS. 11 patient underwent modified radical mastectomy (MRM) with LDMF reconstruction and 17 case underwent modified radical mastectomy(MRM) with TRAM flap,   26 case underwent breast preserving surgery(BPS), 2 cases presented with phyllodes tumor and managed by subcutaneous mastectomy and implant reconstruction.   Early results show acceptable cosmetic results of these cases.

Results: The most occurred complications in both groups (LD&TRAM ) are wound infection, hematoma & partial flap necrosis. In conclusion, we find that LD flap is a safe and low-morbidity technique with a relatively low complication rate.

Conclusion: Oncoplastic breast surgery combines the principles of surgical oncology with those of plastic and reconstructive surgery and our initial experience shows that BOS leads to aesthetically pleasing and oncological sound results.



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